Feb 112012
The Adventures of Jet Wolf & Ultrace

Mike and I have gone mad like mad little madlings. It is the only explanation, for we have become … PODCASTERS.

It’s true. You thought you’d had enough of us and all we have to say? You were wrong.

We’ve talked about doing this for ages, back when Internet radio was the cool hip new thing, but we never got it off the ground. It came as quite a surprise to us both to discover that this was apparently the weekend to change all that. Who knew?

The current plan is to be twice a month, with weekly being an ideal that we have probably a 50/50 chance of actually achieving; it’s a bit of work and all. However we both seriously like to hear ourselves talk, and that can only be a boon where the goal is to talk and talk and talk.

We’ve got one in the bag, and would love it if you gave it a listen. They’ll be nestled snuggly at podcast.jetwolf.com. There you’ll find subscription links (iTunes coming as soon as it gets through Apple’s process), and a built-in player if you prefer to stick with web-based.

It is called The Adventures of Jet Wolf & Ultrace, and oh my yes it is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leftybrown Chris Brown

    I came across your show in a search and gave it a try.  I have to say I dug it a lot!  I’m ALWAYS interested in married/partner geek or gaming podcasts (seeing as I co-host The Married Gamers).  Please keep at it because I’m another happy podcast subscriber.

    • Jet Wolf

      Thanks a ton, I really appreciate that. We’re actually sitting down tonight to record the final piece of our next one, wherein we will talk way too much about Mass Effect 3, because, you know … Mass Effect 3.

      Actually, huh, “The Married Gamers” tickled something at the back of my mind. I do believe we may have met, at PAX a couple years back. If I recall correctly, we were chatting in line together at Harmonix’s pre-PAX party perhaps?

      • http://www.facebook.com/leftybrown Chris Brown

        That very well may have been the case.  I should share my pics of Trites in the fringe leather vest from that party.

        • Jet Wolf

           I think I have one or two of Drake in it. Terrifying times.