Mar 132012
Rock Band DLC Logo #2

I’m late. I know. I blame barley wine.

Harmonix made the effort to specifically point out that this week’s pack meets fan demand, as the group is one of the most requested ever. I’ve seen that most requested list and I can’t say that this fact alone gets me excited. Still, while I can’t bring to mind a single song by Three Days Grace, HMX has introduced me to more than a few awesome bands I might have never heard otherwise, so my mind’s open.


The Songs

* Three Days Grace – “I Hate Everything About You
* Three Days Grace – “The Good Life
* Three Days Grace – “Pain^ +

^ = keyboard part charted
+ = pro-guitar/bass upgrade available


The Thoughts

I know “I Hate Everything About You” by Ugly Kid Joe, and I wouldn’t have thought there would be two songs with that name out there, but apparently. Oh okay, I recognize this. The first thing noticeable about the song is that it’s very aggressive but without descending into wall o’ noise. The cadence feels like blows from a fist, which works well to punctuate a song about abuse and loss. It’s more about feeling than musicianship however and the song itself quickly falls into repetition.

“The Good Life” is just weird. Lyrically it’s like a party song, but neither the music nor the vocals bear it out. The two don’t mesh well at all, and the resulting impression is of going to a friend’s house for their birthday and when they open the door they invite you inside by punching you in the face. It feels like the lyrics were written by an entirely different group altogether. Imagine if Sabbath did a straight cover of “MMMbop”. YEAH. And what’s with the random vocal modulation? An off-putting jumble that straight didn’t work for me.

“Pain” has a lot of raw emotion going for it but little else. I quite liked the music, as I quite liked the intro to “The Good Life”, but I rapidly lost interest once the other pieces of the song came in. It’s like it somehow fails to live up to its potential. All you have is a tightly wound ball of angst that, for all its bluster, doesn’t end up saying much.


The Conclusion

Keys players are tossed a bone this week but I’d still advice skipping; I couldn’t pick out anything more than a few simple notes, and that’s definitely not worth your $2. For everyone else, well, I still pretty much say skip. If forced to pick one out of the lot then, as a guitarist, I’d probably say “Pain”. It didn’t impress me but did sound the most instrumentally interesting. It also uses harmonies in what is probably the catchiest way out of all songs this week. But mostly I’d advise going back to pick up some songs you missed or holding your precious DLC dollars for later, better releases.

  • Novareinna

    I like Three Days Grace (but I guess that won’t come as any surprise…LOL.)
    I actually have the first song you listed on my iPod. I’m not sure about the others, I haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet and the titles don’t seem familiar.

    • Jet Wolf

      I kinda thought you might, yeah. :P