About a Wolf


So Jet Wolf. What’s her deal?
A fair question and one that requires a master’s degree and several case studies. But really, this is the Internet where anything longer than a LOLcat involves too much effort, so I’ll break it down for you in easily digestible chunks.

At any given time, Jet Wolf may be a combination of the following:

  • A writer.
  • A gamer.
  • A disenfranchised GenXer.
  • A fangirl.
  • Snarky.
  • Lazy.
  • A big softie.
  • Unhealthily focused on meaningless details.
  • Hateful and Psychotic.
  • Bored with this.

I’ve been blogging on and off through a variety of platforms since January 2001, and it’s amazing that almost 10 years later I still think I have something interesting to say.


Where else does Jet Wolf live on The Interwebs?
A brief smattering:

I’ve also begun talking publicly about my ongoing battle with depression, which you can read about on my side blog, Tilting at Doombots.


What zany madcap things can we expect in this, the latest incarnation of Jet Wolf’s blog?
Why nothing short of zanitude and madcappery such as the world has never seen!

Yeah, but probably not.

What I am going to try for here is some regularity. I’m thinking of consistent weekly posts on topics possibly including and certainly not limited to: comic book thoughts, Buffy/Angel episode reviews and analysis (with other series tossed in for flava), updates on my backyard menagerie, Rock Band and other gaming activities, short stories and other writing stuffs, photos, and whatever else I can think that might be interesting or funny or banal and drive you all away screaming. My meter is sometimes off. Something you’d like to see? Suggest away in the comments.


Did you draw all these nifty pictures?
Hahahahaha no. If it’s here and it’s drawn and you look at it and think there’s any level of competence to the finished product, it was not done by me. 99.9% of the cases of Art were produced by my very own Art Slave and bestest friend-type person, Amy Mebberson. She’s pretty much the most awesome artist in the entire world. She’s also got a zillion sites or something, but here are a few of them: tumblr, deviantART, My Blue Sky, Fun Size, and of course on Twitter @amymebberson.


Jet Wolf, you are awesome. How can I be hip and cool like you?

  • Stephanie Jane

    How can I get notified that you replied to one of my comments? Is RSS the only option?

    • Jet Wolf

      A very good question. Let me look into it and I’ll get back to you.

    • Jet Wolf

      Oh that was actually easier to find than I thought. I can install a plug-in that’ll let us set that up. I’ll do that later today then!

      • Stephanie Jane

        Cool, just let me know what I need to do! I will keep my little eyes open…

  • Hollyrinedoller

    What ever happened to your post-Buffy series Chosen? I used to love reading that.

    • Jet Wolf

      ¬†Obviously very long in coming, but not dead! I have no time table other than that but it’ll happen.