Feb 112012
The Adventures of Jet Wolf & Ultrace

Mike and I have gone mad like mad little madlings. It is the only explanation, for we have become … PODCASTERS. It’s true. You thought you’d had enough of us and all we have to say? You were wrong. We’ve talked about doing this for ages, back when Internet radio was the cool hip new thing, but we never got it off the ground. It came as quite a surprise to us both to discover […]

Mar 232011

Just put in a new comment system. I’ve been a little dissatisfied with WordPress’s default (mostly in the threading system going down to about the width of my thumb). I’m attempting Disqus at the moment, and while it looks all pretty right in in these first five minutes, you guys are the best judge of what you like. Let me know if you like it, hate it, think it’s broken, all that shit. Also I […]

Now it just feels weird.

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Feb 032011

Right, so. Those posts yesterday. Attention is being paid to them. Which is awesome, by the way. You guy seriously have no idea how uncertain I was that I was even making sense my head was buzzing so much, let alone saying something that is seeming to resonate. The more I’m thinking about this the more I’m realizing just how much is going on here. This is a fucking complicated series of issues all consolidating […]

PAX Jetwolfus

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Sep 012010

Yay for Roman-themed puns. Please enjoy it, as it’s probably the most interesting part of this post. Mike and I are headed for PAX tomorrow. Four days and three nights in glorious Seattle – much like glorious Portland only I don’t live there. We will be fully immersed in games and geekery such as the world has never seen. Consequently, no more posts to come this week. I know, I know, with my break-neck dedicated […]

Do your little turn.

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Jul 282010
Do your little turn.

I think I mentioned that I got a new camera for my birthday. My birthday that is still two months away. Don’t question me. My last new camera – also, interestingly enough, gotten for my birthday – was purchased back in 2002, so as you might imagine the leap in technology and quality isn’t insignificant. I’ve probably been taking pictures to the volume of ridiculous for the past week or so. But of all those […]

Yummy comment replies.

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May 312010

I just installed a plug-in for comment reply notification. Pretty simple functionality – when someone replies to your comment, it’ll send an email to the address you used to comment letting you know. The checkbox for getting replies is checked by default, but if you don’t want to receive them, just uncheck it. Feel free to play around with it. Looks good to go from my tests, but I’m still pretty new to WordPress overall […]


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Apr 022010

Vacations. I am on one. If you’ve been reading on Twitter, you know my mother is here visiting. This means that blog posts will fall somewhere between “random” and “nonexistent” until she’s gone. But when she is, oh the fun we shall have.

Mar 242010
My New Friend.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know about one of my favourite features of my new house. We have a yard. This is pretty exciting stuff, as I’ve never really had a yard before. What’s more, this yard is home to many trees, not the least of which is a giant sequoia. This tree and those around it are teaming with life. The whole neighborhood in fact. Lots of birds and whole lots […]

Mar 202010
Calling All Beer Lovers

Today is Get House Crap Done day. To aid in this, Mike descended the depths of the crawlspace. Now that’s always a horror show, but this time he came upon long buried treasure. Like, way under the house too. So it wasn’t like someone was drinking in what is now affectionately called The Danger Room and was somehow too lazy to go find a trash can but not too lazy to haul up that 50-pound […]

Take … Three? I don’t know.

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Mar 112010

I’ve been dancing a few more steps in The Hosting Shuffle. I’m determined to find someplace that will have decent database service without charging me an arm and a leg. So far I’m impressed by my new place, but then so was I with my less-new new place before discovering that I was but one of, I dunno, a million other databases crammed into one tiny gasping server. So. I know that the lag has […]