Aug 242011
Why we PAX.

As mentioned, we’re off to PAX tomorrow. When I last really talked about PAX there was much Sturm und Drang and I was unsure how we’d proceed. Clearly that decision was reached. It didn’t come easy, and I’m still a little uncertain, truth be told. But after a lot of talking and even more thinking, I decided that turning away from PAX was to surrender it, and the culture of so many things I love. […]

Aug 232011
May I take your order?

I’m helplessly amused that I decide to return to daily “this is my life” blogging when I’ll be leaving for PAX in about 36 hours, thus unable to do a daily “this is my life” blog post for several days. Setting yourself up for failure? I’d know nothing of it. ~~~ Mike has an appointment with an orthopedic specialist tomorrow. If the drama has escaped you, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: Boy hurts leg running […]

Aug 042011
My perfect crime!

Cruddy mood from Moment One today, but I decided to use the cruddiness to do a bunch of stuff I’ve been procrastinating on; I figured, my today has suck built right in, why not use it encompass all suck and spare future days that might otherwise be decent. So I’ve gotten a haircut (which I didn’t actually like, but such is the price I pay for never really having much to offer besides “shorter than […]

Aug 032011
Hello Again

Oo I did say I’d start blogging again tonight didn’t I? So of course I forget all about it until it’s almost 11.30pm and I’m in bed about to sleep. Of course. It’s been pretty clear that I dropped out of doing these in the past few months. I won’t bore with details, suffice it to say that Things Happened and I hit a bit of a bottom. But what follows a fall is getting […]

May 312011
Crisis on Infinite Wolves

I’ve been absent from my blog. From much of online, in truth. There have been Things. But there will always be Things. So it goes. Here’s some stuff I’ve been saving up to talk at you about. ~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve been watching TV lately. By that, I mean watching programs within a week of when they air. As someone whose natural proclivity is to TiVo an entire season and a half before I bother watching (if […]

Apr 212011
Jim versus Woodpecker

This past Saturday Mike and I were in the game room both reading quietly. It was fairly early in the morning, 9 or 10-ish I think. We were both absorbed in our respective stories so it took a little while to realize we were hearing a sound: an intermittent but insistent tapping. We weren’t sure where it was coming from. I opened the blinds to the backyard but we still couldn’t see anything. So we […]

Apr 192011
A Tale of Two Mes

Everyone’s talking about Portal 2. That coupled with the “For science” commercials makes me want to play it. Luckily(?) my mother’s imminent arrival makes starting any new game right now utterly pointless. It also however means I need to clean the house, and I am deeply rebelling against this. I did good today, actually cutting the lawn and washing the car, but dusting, scrubbing, zzzz. Plus I’m in a good working place at the moment […]

Apr 182011
It was going so well until Waid fucked it up.

I’ve been sucking on my posts this week. I keep having too much I want to say, but not getting ready to start writing them until too late. New plan: write them throughout the day as I have thinky thoughts. Coming eventually soon: – Faith vs. science vs. ions – PAX 2011 – Legion of Super-Heroes – Lady Woman Girl – And More!