Apr 212011
Jim versus Woodpecker

This past Saturday Mike and I were in the game room both reading quietly. It was fairly early in the morning, 9 or 10-ish I think. We were both absorbed in our respective stories so it took a little while to realize we were hearing a sound: an intermittent but insistent tapping. We weren’t sure where it was coming from. I opened the blinds to the backyard but we still couldn’t see anything. So we […]

Apr 192011
A Tale of Two Mes

Everyone’s talking about Portal 2. That coupled with the “For science” commercials makes me want to play it. Luckily(?) my mother’s imminent arrival makes starting any new game right now utterly pointless. It also however means I need to clean the house, and I am deeply rebelling against this. I did good today, actually cutting the lawn and washing the car, but dusting, scrubbing, zzzz. Plus I’m in a good working place at the moment […]

Apr 182011
It was going so well until Waid fucked it up.

I’ve been sucking on my posts this week. I keep having too much I want to say, but not getting ready to start writing them until too late. New plan: write them throughout the day as I have thinky thoughts. Coming eventually soon: – Faith vs. science vs. ions – PAX 2011 – Legion of Super-Heroes – Lady Woman Girl – And More!

Apr 162011
Apple Juicin'

Very tired, very congested, and in a bit of a rush tonight. End result, short post. Which is a bit of a pity as I had this whole big thing about science and faith, but I suppose it’ll hold. Today was going to be Stumptown, but wound up being the zoo instead. Yes! Zoo! Again! I was so upset I didn’t get to feed the lorikeets last time I was compelled to make a return […]

Apr 142011
Was it worth it?

(Feedback says that posting earlier in the day was well-received, plus I passed out last night without posting, so … seize the consciousness while it hovers I suppose.) For absolutely no good reason at all my body decided it was going to become PLAGUE CENTRAL yesterday. Went to bed feeling fine, woke up around 2am feeling shitty, and every wake-up from that point on (and there were so very many) was worse. I spent all […]

Apr 122011

Banging out my post now since I’ll be occupied possibly until late tonight. As previously mentioned, Scott is pretty big into ham radios. Today he discovered that the International Space Station will be making assorted transmissions from Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight. We’ll apparently (theoretically) be able to start receiving them around 10pm or so. And thus tonight we’ll be huddling around a radio, much as I imagine they were 50 years ago. Not much to […]

Apr 102011
It's so BAD!

My mother sent us a couple of boxes of assorted stuff this weekend. I think she was really just looking for a way to unload some more of my endless supplies of crap that still infect her house all these years later, but. Enclosed were some amazing things. Many trades and graphic novels that we haven’t seen in years: From the Ashes (collecting Uncanny #169-#175, some of the best), Batman Death in the Family, Secret […]

Apr 092011

Nobody else is going to get that subject line, but oh well. I somehow made it home without falling asleep. I am utterly knackered. Big day filled with big things, including a trip to the zoo. This was a huge thing for Mike and I for many boring reasons, and we’re both so glad we finally made it back there after many many abortive attempts over the years. Sadly I am now too tired to […]

Apr 092011
Mere Performing Freaks.

Good productive Chosen day. Started my weekend by blasting through some more guitar score logs in Rock Band, finally (FINALLY) getting me out of the “T”s. I think that was my checkered flag. ‘Course I still technically have all the bass scores, drums scores and vocals scores, but lalalala can’t hear you I’m finishing guitar yay. Then a lovely evening at Amy and Scott’s, the highlight of which has to be the surprise of Scott […]

Apr 072011
O Captain, My Captain

Just finished my speed-play of Mass Effect 1 with my renegade Male Shepard, who I in no way warmed to before the the end of the game. My but he’s a bastard. A wooden, unemoting bastard. Interesting choices as renegade however, and I’m extremely interested to see how those play out in ME2. The hardest part: Killing the rachni queen. I had guilt pangs. Over an action in a video game. Yeah. Have to admit […]