Jan 062012
Fear and Loathing in 2011

2012. This time last year, I wasn’t sure I would see it. Wasn’t sure I wanted to. Pretty sure I didn’t. Yet here I am. I made it. 2011 is done, and thank fuck for that. I’ve never been a particularly happy person. Part of my charm, I like to think, always ready with a dry and cynical word (often several). I took it as given that this would come with frequent dips into darkness. […]

Dec 202010
To: You. A Christmas Story. Love, Me.

As it so often does, the holiday season barged into my life well before I was actually ready for it this year. Christmas. It’s not just a word, it’s an idea. A concept. A lifestyle, for some. For me, when I was forced to acknowledge that the year was in fact getting ready to loop on me again, I was going through one of my … let’s say “less appreciative” times. Never pleasant, but often […]

It ate my heart.

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Jul 212010
It ate my heart.

I’m an only child. I’m an only child who grew up a military brat. These are pertinent facts to know right now for one major reason: My stuffed animals must all salute when I enter the room. They don’t, actually. They totally should but some of them protest with claims that their arms are too short like that’s my problem. I was alone an awful lot as a kid. The lessons I taught myself growing […]

Fox Hunt

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Jul 012010
Fox Hunt

Today seems designed to make me feel old. I got out of bed and my knee immediately protested the very idea of making it support any damn thing, thank you very much. It’s the first of the month so the mortgage payment is due. I called and made an appointment to have the air ducts cleaned, and was glad I did so. In the shower, shedding as you do, I noticed that one of my […]