Nov 052010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 9 November

Hey folks! Looks like we’re making up for last week’s slim DLC pickings (Rush’s “Subdivisions” – which I forgot to post about, so … here you go) with a whole heaping mound of new stuff. Stuff like the three Gamestop preorder songs and a twelve pack of Bon Jovi. Three of those twelve, however, are upgrades to the Bon Jovi songs we already have in the Rock Band library. And there’s a bit of something […]

Oct 222010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 26 October

Rock Band 3 is mere days away. Are you ready? The DLC is coming. As I mentioned last week, the first round of DLC for the new game has been much talked about and isn’t a surprise at this point: Alongside the 83 disc songs for Rock Band 3 will be a 12-pack of The Doors. But I’m not going there just yet. First I want to take the time to talk about Rock Band […]

Rock Band 3, The Final Setlist

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Aug 202010
Rock Band 3, The Final Setlist

If you don’t follow such things online too much then you’ve missed some fun Rock Band sorta-drama this week. Here’s the dish. On Wednesday, a video was posted of an interview with RB3 project lead Daniel Sussman. Nothing too spectacular. But in the background was a setup of the game. The full game. All 83 songs. And someone was scrolling through it for the entire interview. It didn’t take long for gaming news sites to […]

Rock Band 3: The setlist so far

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Aug 162010
Rock Band 3: The setlist so far

A slew of new track were “leaked” for Rock Band 3 this weekend. This, combined with the odd one or two that have slipped and the six announced at Comicon, makes it a pretty good time to recap what we know is on the new game’s setlist thus far. Sorted by decade, in descending order: 2000s HIM – “Killing Loneliness“ [Not one of their best, but the way this guy says “kill” just tickles me […]

Jun 092010
Rock Band 3 - First details leaked

As we gear up for E3 (starting this Monday, 14 June), details are beginning to seep out about some pretty cool stuff. Ranking high on my “Cool Stuff” list is, of course, Rock Band. Harmonix will introduce us to Rock Band 3 next week, but why not get us even more excited now? USA Today was the first to break silence with an article on the next Rock Band installment. If you’re interested you should […]