Jan 242012
CopyPasteMAGIC would be a great band name.

As discussed yesterday, I’ve gone and made that separate blog. I feel good about the decision to stop washing my lights with my darks. The other blog is named Tilting at Doombots, and there’s your link. RSS feed is here. While new posts over there will be automatically announced on Twitter, I won’t be talking about it much here, as that rather misses the point. ~~~ Photoshop was a place where I spent some time […]

Mar 052011
There's not a single tree, why is it the Emerald City again?

I semi-spontaneously ran up to Seattle for the day for Emerald City Comicon. I say “semi-spontaneously” because we (meaning Mike, Scott and myself) only cemented plans yesterday. Which is huge for me, since normally I twig without at least a week’s notice and mental preparation. Adding my mood into that, and despite the relative achievement levels as compared to most of the world, I’m pretty proud of myself. While there, Mike got a signed and […]

Sucker bet, seen her fight.

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Feb 222011
Sucker bet, seen her fight.

Busy day today. Got to sleep in, but then woke up and almost immediately had to run around for five hours or so. Then got home and saw my new video card had arrived, so there went the rest of the afternoon. For my evening? I’ve been in a comic book mood again of late … though to be fair I’m rarely not in a comic book mood, but I mean a hankering for going […]

Wait, other things happened today?

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Feb 022011
Wait, other things happened today?

Whoops, damn, almost went to bed again without my daily post. You mean I’m supposed to talk about something else? All this hubbub meant I didn’t get my comics for the week. I’d be sad, but I didn’t have time to read ’em anyway. Eventually I’ll catch up sufficiently to do regular comics posts again. Remember those days? Those were awesome days. I made from-scratch chicken and dumplings tonight. A recipe I’ve never followed including […]

I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty-cat.

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Jan 242011
I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty-cat.

I couldn’t sleep last night so I stayed up until about 3am playing Bloons and watching my backlog of Glee. Glee is a total guilty pleasure show. So much lame and so much cheese, but it’s a show that can genuinely make me happy for a little while. That’s a fairly unique quality for me in my entertainment. I trend greatly toward music, tv, movies, books, whatever makes me think. There are few things in […]


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Jan 052011

A hideously busy day today mostly marred with a near-crippling headache, but a post! I must make one. Got Amy and Scott home today. Was rewarded with chocolate, fruit cake, Uggs, and hugs for my troubles. Happy to have my bestie home though – it’s tough to go back to having someone halfway around the world when you get used to them being just across town. It looks like some information about all those dead […]

Dec 202010
To: You. A Christmas Story. Love, Me.

As it so often does, the holiday season barged into my life well before I was actually ready for it this year. Christmas. It’s not just a word, it’s an idea. A concept. A lifestyle, for some. For me, when I was forced to acknowledge that the year was in fact getting ready to loop on me again, I was going through one of my … let’s say “less appreciative” times. Never pleasant, but often […]