Jan 232012
Forty-Seven Dead Beats

I’m writing this with my egg timer going. I’m living in paranoid fear that at any second Andy Rooney is going to come down from heaven and complain at me about the harps. Because death = stringed instruments. Makes you wonder what instrument they give you in hell. Guitars. Of course. Anybody else picture heaven and hell as basically exactly like South Park? ~~~ I get to sleep in this week. These are the most […]

Bargaining to Grave

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Apr 042011
Bargaining to Grave

My evening got derailed in a myriad of ways, but none probably quite so interesting as this extensive and fascinating episode-by-episode deconstruction of Buffy and depression in Season 6. As anyone who’s been reading my stuff for any length of time can attest, I do so love me some deep thinky analysis, and Buffy is a particularly favoured subject. I’ve done a hell of a lot of thinking and writing about S6 myself, but oddly […]

Mar 222011
A Href = Tuesday, 22 March 2011

For a while there, every Monday I would post up a collection of cool stuff I’d found on the Intertubes throughout the week. Then I stopped. Then I meant to start up again but didn’t. Then I meant to do it yesterday but didn’t. Rather than wait a whole ‘nother week (and possibly let it slip by again), I’m just pulling the trigger on today. I’m guessing no one will much care but me. I […]