Was it worth it?

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Apr 142011
Was it worth it?

(Feedback says that posting earlier in the day was well-received, plus I passed out last night without posting, so … seize the consciousness while it hovers I suppose.) For absolutely no good reason at all my body decided it was going to become PLAGUE CENTRAL yesterday. Went to bed feeling fine, woke up around 2am feeling shitty, and every wake-up from that point on (and there were so very many) was worse. I spent all […]


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Apr 122011

Banging out my post now since I’ll be occupied possibly until late tonight. As previously mentioned, Scott is pretty big into ham radios. Today he discovered that the International Space Station will be making assorted transmissions from Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight. We’ll apparently (theoretically) be able to start receiving them around 10pm or so. And thus tonight we’ll be huddling around a radio, much as I imagine they were 50 years ago. Not much to […]

Apr 062011
Here are things and I am sleepy.

Quickies as I am tired. The Internets was all abuzz this morning about Glenn Beck parting from FOX. I do not understand this. I think he’s a reprehensible waste of airwaves too, but sad as it is to say, he’s found an audience and he’s found money and he’s found some measure of influence. Those things aren’t going to go away just because he doesn’t have a show on FOX anymore. Personally, I’d rather he […]

“I am a library.”

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Mar 252011
"I am a library."

Come over totally exhausted for no particularly good reason. Bed it is, whereupon I shall continue to read more of Civil War. I’m currently on part 56, Young Avengers & Runaways #4. I actually haven’t read Young Avengers before. It’s pretty interesting. I get really wary about getting into the kid superheroes though, as it seems both Marvel and DC either like to cancel their books or gratuitously kill them off. Neither is particularly inspiring […]