Feb 102011
My TiVo loves me.

My knee today. Holy crap. I’ve been hopped up on painkillers for most of today and been keeping my knee elevated and it still hurts just as much. I’m fairly used to some knee pain of some kind just about always (long story), but today is a notable. Today we rewired the TiVo through the DVD burner so I could get some stuff on disc. The Super Bowl commercials for example, the first hour of […]

Jan 272011
LiveLinks: NO.

I went off on a mini-tirade about this on Twitter this morning but really it deserves something more permanent than a couple of quickly-scrolled 140ish character comments. The commercial in question is for “LiveLinks”. I hadn’t heard of LiveLinks until this morning, but it’s apparently a live phone chat line. I remember seeing tons of commercials for those things back in middle and high school and it’s sort of amazing me on a whole ‘nother […]

A Href = Tuesday, 10 August 2010

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Aug 102010
A Href = Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Internet’s a big place. There are at least 100 different sites out there! How will you ever find the time to sift through the dregs for the funniest macros, the awesomest pictures, the interestingest lists? You can’t. It’s impossible. Don’t try. Instead, let Jet Wolf do it for you. Here’s today’s dose of random shit that I took the trouble to bookmark, just for you. The Decade in Pictures. I’m not sure how history […]