Aug 052010
Weird Al in 2D

As I talked about yesterday, we went to see Weird Al in concert on Tuesday. I think I’ve also mentioned that I got a new camera? Actually I think I mentioned that in a post I haven’t finished and published yet. Okay, so important fact: I got a new camera. I’m a bit of addicted to taking pictures too, so take that trait plus new toy plus important situation I’m totally stoked about, mix liberally […]

Aug 042010
Full of Weird and Full of Al

Yesterday, Tuesday 3 August 2010, was an important day in the life of a Jet Wolf. For it was on this day that I finally saw Weird Al Yankovic live. Seriously. I was thinking about it, and all hyperbole aside, this really is an achievement for me. I’ve been a consistent fan of Weird Al for longer than any other artist. I’ll repeat that. I have been a fan of Weird Al for longer than […]