Wait, other things happened today?

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Feb 022011
Wait, other things happened today?

Whoops, damn, almost went to bed again without my daily post. You mean I’m supposed to talk about something else? All this hubbub meant I didn’t get my comics for the week. I’d be sad, but I didn’t have time to read ’em anyway. Eventually I’ll catch up sufficiently to do regular comics posts again. Remember those days? Those were awesome days. I made from-scratch chicken and dumplings tonight. A recipe I’ve never followed including […]

Jan 072011
Puppy sauce.

Today was a day for getting some shit done, to the tune of Jett’s nails trimmed and an oil change. I very nearly said “Jett’s oil changed”, which would’ve been a very different day indeed. I tried trimming Jett’s nails once. Once. It did not go well. Since that moment, I knew that I would happily pay somebody for this basic task for the rest of my dog’s life. In addition to me trimming her […]