PAX 2011, Day 2

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Oct 112011
PAX 2011, Day 2

The night was restless, but PAX waits for no one. We’d decided that of all the big ticket games, we had one in particular that we were going to aim for first thing; the siren song of the shirt was playing loudly in our mind. We could sleep later. In new shirts! The story so far: Day 0 | Day 1 pt 1 | Day 1 pt 2 | Day 1 pt 3     […]

There’s a cone on my head.

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Jan 152011
There's a cone on my head.

Wow I didn’t really do shit today and had the most minimal of thoughts. So that’s a fun write-up. I slept way later than intended, not rousing until nearly 10am. I also woke with a headache, quite possibly because I slept so late, and that was with me for several hours (but thankfully not all day, as is often the norm when I have them on waking). While I waited it out Mike played some […]

Jan 032011
Hello, 2011.

The year twenty-thousand-eleven starts today. You may argue that it started two days ago. You would be wrong. It starts today because today is Monday and I find that more convenient. We humans measure time in such an arbitrary self-established manner that I feel perfectly justified in setting my milestones however I please. As today is the first day of the new year, I’m kicking it off with an attempted revamp of parts my life […]