Apr 062011
Oh! You Dreamy Things

I had a dream last night. It was basically amazing. I traveled around. I think I was solving crimes, as you do. I was trying to figure something out, and it required I go into the ocean. I don’t recall it specifically but let’s assume I was in scuba gear or had a tiny personal submarine or something. While I was in the ocean looking for whatever I was looking for, I came upon a […]

Time division.

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Jan 202011
Time division.

The plan was to get up and write about what I dreamed. Typically I then didn’t dream anything remotely coherent. The best I can recall is that it featured Seth Green, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and a drop of blood on a golden labrador retriever. I dunno either. But I will tell you that Maleficent fucked me up when I was a kid, so apparently I’m still five. I’m loving doing my old SNL reviews, […]