Mar 232011
It's like I'm back to graveyard shifts.

It’s almost 11pm and I’m only now feeling like dinner. It’s been a weird couple food days. But here I am. Mike’s gone to bed and I’m nomming on a bologna sandwich with cheez-its, so there’s a smashing dinner for you. There’s nothing on that I actually want to watch, so I switched on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares that my TiVo got for me because … I guess. I worked on A Thing some […]

Mar 172011
Crap burgers and cabbage. (Yum.)

Defense Grid you are KILLING ME, arrgh. St. Patrick’s Day today. It ended with a bit more feisty anger than I’d originally intended, but perhaps that’s in keeping with the day’s spirit. We went down to a local cafe so that Mike could get his annual corned beef and cabbage. I KNOW, RIGHT? So gross. There’s a reason he only gets to eat it once a year. They were out of the pasta I wanted […]