Jan 062012
Fear and Loathing in 2011

2012. This time last year, I wasn’t sure I would see it. Wasn’t sure I wanted to. Pretty sure I didn’t. Yet here I am. I made it. 2011 is done, and thank fuck for that. I’ve never been a particularly happy person. Part of my charm, I like to think, always ready with a dry and cynical word (often several). I took it as given that this would come with frequent dips into darkness. […]

Hello Again

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Aug 032011
Hello Again

Oo I did say I’d start blogging again tonight didn’t I? So of course I forget all about it until it’s almost 11.30pm and I’m in bed about to sleep. Of course. It’s been pretty clear that I dropped out of doing these in the past few months. I won’t bore with details, suffice it to say that Things Happened and I hit a bit of a bottom. But what follows a fall is getting […]

Mar 112011
I can't control my fingers.

I’m doing pretty happy at the moment. I spent the last hour on a late night writing jag and mixed it with some rum and the result was liquid delicious. I could see making a habit of this. “Be who you want to be” is a new motto I’m attempting to embrace. I’ve had a good many mottos this week honestly, but this is probably the best so far. It’s really been a week (and […]

Whose woods these are.

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Feb 262011
Whose woods these are.

I want to write something. I want to write something but my brain is so tired. You ever feel like maybe sometimes you’re in the wrong head? That’s me tonight. Unsettling. Not of the norm. Of course I suffer from depression, like, constantly, so it’s tough to get a bead on what “norm” means for me. But whatever this is, I don’t think it’s it. I had several people ask me about the demos I […]

Now it just feels weird.

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Feb 032011

Right, so. Those posts yesterday. Attention is being paid to them. Which is awesome, by the way. You guy seriously have no idea how uncertain I was that I was even making sense my head was buzzing so much, let alone saying something that is seeming to resonate. The more I’m thinking about this the more I’m realizing just how much is going on here. This is a fucking complicated series of issues all consolidating […]