PAX 2011, Day 3

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Oct 182011
PAX 2011, Day 3

Sleep was again interrupted but with the final day of PAX ahead we couldn’t let a tiny little thing like exhaustion get in the way. There were games to demo that I hadn’t yet demoed and many photos to photo that I hadn’t yet photoed. Previously on PAX’11:

May 312011
Crisis on Infinite Wolves

I’ve been absent from my blog. From much of online, in truth. There have been Things. But there will always be Things. So it goes. Here’s some stuff I’ve been saving up to talk at you about. ~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve been watching TV lately. By that, I mean watching programs within a week of when they air. As someone whose natural proclivity is to TiVo an entire season and a half before I bother watching (if […]


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Apr 122011

Banging out my post now since I’ll be occupied possibly until late tonight. As previously mentioned, Scott is pretty big into ham radios. Today he discovered that the International Space Station will be making assorted transmissions from Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight. We’ll apparently (theoretically) be able to start receiving them around 10pm or so. And thus tonight we’ll be huddling around a radio, much as I imagine they were 50 years ago. Not much to […]

Apr 072011
O Captain, My Captain

Just finished my speed-play of Mass Effect 1 with my renegade Male Shepard, who I in no way warmed to before the the end of the game. My but he’s a bastard. A wooden, unemoting bastard. Interesting choices as renegade however, and I’m extremely interested to see how those play out in ME2. The hardest part: Killing the rachni queen. I had guilt pangs. Over an action in a video game. Yeah. Have to admit […]

So take that, nature!

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Apr 032011
So take that, nature!

My decent weekend hit a rough spot as I started getting all pissy over Things. To burn this off, I threw myself into copious amounts of yard work, dragging Mike along with me. The end result, we have lots of nice fresh new mulch and tilled areas of both the front and back yard, leveled off some bits and got to work on a nicer area where the birdbath lives. Also in that end result […]

Mar 312011

I just finished Mass Effect 2 about 20 minutes ago. I’m now reinstalling ME1 so I can start the series over again as a renegade this time. Consider what I’ve said previously about my attitude toward replaying games and that should give you a good idea about how much I enjoyed it. But in case I need to spell it out, I really really enjoyed it. I will proceed to talk about it a bit, […]

Mar 292011
He has pretty eyes and I want to squish him.

Long day is long. I’m glad you only have two days left, March, because I have hated you. Get the fuck out of my calendar. There’s a lot on my mind today, but rather than talk about those interesting things I’m instead going to talk about Mass Effect. Because it too has been on my mind, though in a much less pervasive or important capacity. First up, I am so digging ME2 now. Even combat […]

Plus I could listen to Martin Sheen in anything.

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Mar 272011
Plus I could listen to Martin Sheen in anything.

This weekend sucked like the world’s most voracious Hoover, and I won’t be sorry to see the back of it. Today I give thanks to BioWare for Mass Effect 2 or, as I prefer to call it, “Distraction.” I raise my glass to a better week ahead.

Mar 202011
Sunday Starcade.

Okay, Mass Effect 2. I think I’m finally into you. Your combat system isn’t so much growing on me as I’ve learned to just suck it up and deal with you, and your storyline becomes increasingly interesting. I’m glad I decided to return to you this morning. Speaking of returning to things, Mike and Scott resumed their work on the radio project. All went well, right up to the exact moment it didn’t. Then it […]

Jan 172011
I must not think bad thoughts.

Today I had thoughts. I had a lot of thoughts of assorted degrees of importance. I can’t say that I reached any decisions, but I think decisions are likely soon. Not sure I’m ready to share them publicly yet, if ever, but I was glad to have them. Loaded up Mass Effect 2 this evening. Big thumbs up thus far for the little UI tweaks, though the new combat is going to take me a […]