Jan 162011
Short and vexed.

Here it is, 11pm, and I am desperate to finish up Mass Effect. I’m on Ilos, in the aqueduct trench right now. I can’t exactly remember what else I have to do, but I do have a memory telling me that I hated doing it. But I’m so close. What will happen first I wonder, finishing the game or unconsciousness? Did something else happen in the world today? Not for me it didn’t. Mike has […]

There’s a cone on my head.

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Jan 152011
There's a cone on my head.

Wow I didn’t really do shit today and had the most minimal of thoughts. So that’s a fun write-up. I slept way later than intended, not rousing until nearly 10am. I also woke with a headache, quite possibly because I slept so late, and that was with me for several hours (but thankfully not all day, as is often the norm when I have them on waking). While I waited it out Mike played some […]

Joy … and Gratitude.

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Jan 092011
Joy ... and Gratitude.

Today has been Mass Effect mostly. I spent a large chunk of my time going through Novaria and kicking Marina Sirtis’s arse. They’re predicting it could dump six inches of snow on us Tuesday night. Every now and then we have Major Snow, and it’s always an event. Of course, it could also be that this Snowpocalypse will turn into a few flakes that you sleep through. That’s less fun, but quietly amusing nevertheless. I […]

Jan 082011

Mm. Saturday. Glorious day of do nothingness. Except for yard work. And now I’m sore. I’m in the middle of a replay of Mass Effect, and sort of hating it. Not the game. The game’s awesome. God damn I hate this replay though. Sadly, I have no choice. About a year ago, I fucked up colossally and deleted every single last save on our Xbox hard drive. Don’t ask me how I did it. (I […]