Ten Things I Love About You.

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Aug 302011
Ten Things I Love About You.

Ten years ago today, Mike and I were married. It was a no-frills civil ceremony that I honestly don’t remember much about because I was too damn nervous. Silly, perhaps. We’d been together since high school and nothing was going to change, not in the day-to-day at least. Yet nervous I was, even managing to stumble over and come in far too early with my “I do”, my only line of the day. “Oh, well […]

May I take your order?

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Aug 232011
May I take your order?

I’m helplessly amused that I decide to return to daily “this is my life” blogging when I’ll be leaving for PAX in about 36 hours, thus unable to do a daily “this is my life” blog post for several days. Setting yourself up for failure? I’d know nothing of it. ~~~ Mike has an appointment with an orthopedic specialist tomorrow. If the drama has escaped you, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: Boy hurts leg running […]

Apr 102011
It's so BAD!

My mother sent us a couple of boxes of assorted stuff this weekend. I think she was really just looking for a way to unload some more of my endless supplies of crap that still infect her house all these years later, but. Enclosed were some amazing things. Many trades and graphic novels that we haven’t seen in years: From the Ashes (collecting Uncanny #169-#175, some of the best), Batman Death in the Family, Secret […]


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Apr 092011

Nobody else is going to get that subject line, but oh well. I somehow made it home without falling asleep. I am utterly knackered. Big day filled with big things, including a trip to the zoo. This was a huge thing for Mike and I for many boring reasons, and we’re both so glad we finally made it back there after many many abortive attempts over the years. Sadly I am now too tired to […]

Conan O’Truffle.

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Mar 012011
Conan O'Truffle.

This past week has been a rough one for me. Spiraling dark head stuff leaving me able to do little more than drag myself out of bed. Which, on those days, I consider a huge accomplishment frankly. I’m not 100%. I’d say riding around 30%. But as compared, that too is huge. Enough of that. I went back and played a little Sims 3 today as I continue to try out my new vid card. […]

Feb 142011
Pink Sugar Heart Attack

So it was Valentine’s Day or something. Totally romantic, I know. My husband and I, between all our pre- and post-marriage, have had like 19 Valentine’s Days and oh god why did I phrase it like that now I feel like I should crumbling to dust in a dimly lit museum warehouse. Okay not the point. The point is that after the first decade or so of them, Valentine’s Day is Just A Day. Really […]

Feb 092011
Like the cool kids.

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like life was just a long session of play occasionally interrupted by a moment of having to do something all responsible but then you just did it real fast and went back to play? When did it reverse on us? All I did today was stuff I was supposed to do, and it was not especially rewarding. My day began too early as both Mike and […]

Superb Owl.

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Feb 072011
Superb Owl.

My week proceeds strangely. I got up far earlier than I would’ve liked to get the chili on, then ran around all day cleaning and shopping and baking and posting. (one of these things is not like the other) My timing stank however and I was still making cookies come kick off, and consequently missed like an entire hour of Super Bowl commercials. At least I have TiVo, which we’ll run through the DVD burner […]

Jan 262011
To read makes our speaking English good.

Today at lunch I decided to crack into a new game. No reason really other than I like new games (and was too lazy to get up again and swap out discs). The game in question is Fallout: New Vegas. I didn’t get far. I’m still technically in the tutorial. But I was reminded of a situation that’s stuck with me for the rest of the day. You know the computer terminal mini-game from Fallout […]