Sep 062011
Give me Planarite or give me death.

I thought today about the things I need to do. Thinking about them was about as far as I got. Tomorrow, I shall MAKE A LIST. Tremble, world, at my list makitude. One of those Things is doing my PAX write-up. It’s great because right now I think “Oh I can probably get all four days into one post.” Then I remember I took like 600 pictures and laugh and laugh and laugh and then […]

Feb 152011
Blade dancing.

I really love MMOs. I probably shouldn’t. I dislike paying a monthly fee for a game, and I’m actually not very social. My experiences playing with random people in any MMO are mixed at best, the general maturity levels of the average player seems to be stuck at age eleven, and being female … well, let’s just say there’s a whole new range of lows to experience. And yet, I love MMOs. I love playing […]