Jan 232012
Forty-Seven Dead Beats

I’m writing this with my egg timer going. I’m living in paranoid fear that at any second Andy Rooney is going to come down from heaven and complain at me about the harps. Because death = stringed instruments. Makes you wonder what instrument they give you in hell. Guitars. Of course. Anybody else picture heaven and hell as basically exactly like South Park? ~~~ I get to sleep in this week. These are the most […]

Aug 202010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 24 August

It’s that time again. Nothing too thrilling this week in my view: a three-pack from a group with a pretty strong presence already in the game, and a three-pack of what seemed initially promising with the use of “Motown”, but apparently when followed by “Republic Rock” doesn’t mean quite so much. Not yet at least – we’ll see what listening to them does. Disturbed – “Another Way to Die” Disturbed – “Asylum” Disturbed – “The […]

Rock Band DLC, Week of 17 August

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Aug 132010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 17 August

We return to form with six DLC tracks this time over the three from last week. When it comes to me being into the bands featured though, we’re about equal. Possibly slipped a bit in fact as I don’t think I’ve heard of either Neon Trees or The Black Keys before. But part of what I love so much about the game is how it introduces me to new music. Can’t get much more “new” […]

Rock Band DLC, Week of 10 August

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Aug 062010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 10 August

Next Tuesday we’re gonna party like it’s 2007 – you’ll get a three-pack and like it. Yes, “only” three new songs this week. as Harmonix delivers a trio from industrial metal band Ministry. Between a single pack this week and the sheer randomness from last week, I’m sticking to my theory that this is HMX shoving the pre-RB3 leftovers out the door. I sort of envision it like them making a cake, and what we’re […]

Aug 052010
Weird Al in 2D

As I talked about yesterday, we went to see Weird Al in concert on Tuesday. I think I’ve also mentioned that I got a new camera? Actually I think I mentioned that in a post I haven’t finished and published yet. Okay, so important fact: I got a new camera. I’m a bit of addicted to taking pictures too, so take that trait plus new toy plus important situation I’m totally stoked about, mix liberally […]

Aug 042010
Full of Weird and Full of Al

Yesterday, Tuesday 3 August 2010, was an important day in the life of a Jet Wolf. For it was on this day that I finally saw Weird Al Yankovic live. Seriously. I was thinking about it, and all hyperbole aside, this really is an achievement for me. I’ve been a consistent fan of Weird Al for longer than any other artist. I’ll repeat that. I have been a fan of Weird Al for longer than […]

Jul 302010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 3 August

This week is Harmonix spring cleaning. Eight tracks, all singles with no common thread between them save “hi, I’m music in Rock Band this week”. But that list includes Blondie, and she’s rapping. So fuck it, that’s all the threading I need. Blondie – “Rapture” dc Talk – “Jesus Freak” The Decemberists – “The Perfect Crime #2” Eagles of Death Metal – “I Only Want You” + Eels – “Saturday Morning” + Family Force 5 […]

Rock Band DLC, Week of 20 July

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Jul 162010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 20 July

Yay, back on track again. Okay so this week’s DLC is a treat. I’m not quite so OMG BOUNCE OF WALLS as I was for Creedence, but this is still pretty awesome. Bad Religion – “New Dark Ages” Bad Religion – “No Control” + The Stooges – “1969” + The Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog” + The Stooges – “No Fun” + + = LEGO compatible “Stooges” being of “Iggy and The” fame, […]

Rock Band DLC, Week of 13 July

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Jul 162010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 13 July

Next week’s DLC was leaked a bit earlier by Xbox, but coming late via me thanks to birthday finalizing for my boy. I think that balances out to me being exactly on-time. [EDIT: One week later … Okay so I started this, stopped because I had to run some more errands before Mike got off, then totally forgot about it in the heady rush of burning my fingers to a crisp in boiling oil. So […]

Jul 022010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 6 July

If you follow me on Twitter (and why don’t you?) then you doubtless saw my explosive bout of squee when I heard the pretty reliable rumour that the next DLC pack would be full of CCR. I’ve been clamouring for Creedence (real Creedence, not more covers) for years. YEARS. Yeah, I was excited. Then came the dread. Wait, this is Creedence Clearwater Revival, right? Not that Revisited thing which dares claim the Creedence name? Are […]