Aug 242011
Why we PAX.

As mentioned, we’re off to PAX tomorrow. When I last really talked about PAX there was much Sturm und Drang and I was unsure how we’d proceed. Clearly that decision was reached. It didn’t come easy, and I’m still a little uncertain, truth be told. But after a lot of talking and even more thinking, I decided that turning away from PAX was to surrender it, and the culture of so many things I love. […]

Mar 112011
Nature is terrifying.

I got wrapped up tonight in watching streams of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, and subsequently forgot all about a post. All I can think to say right now is that I fervently hope things aren’t going to turn out quite as bad as they currently look. Goodnight, World. Please leave as many people with us as you can.

Jan 062011
Because the Thunder God demands it.

I was struck with serious feelings of unwellness in the early afternoon that were most unwelcome. Come on, immune system, it’s 2011. Get with it, I gots shit to do. My mother and I had an interesting conversation today on the aforementioned “birds falling out of the sky” thing. Unfortunately the articles I finally read from the last post didn’t actually say anything too satisfying in terms of reasoning; mostly they were of the “yeeeeaahh, […]

Jan 052011

A hideously busy day today mostly marred with a near-crippling headache, but a post! I must make one. Got Amy and Scott home today. Was rewarded with chocolate, fruit cake, Uggs, and hugs for my troubles. Happy to have my bestie home though – it’s tough to go back to having someone halfway around the world when you get used to them being just across town. It looks like some information about all those dead […]