Mar 302011
In which it is painfully clear that I do not draw.

My shiny newness of today was mostly spent tinking around with a toy – as is really quite inevitable whenever there are toys in my proximity that are new. On extended loan from Amy is her old Wacom tablet, before today sitting alone in a closet quite rejected since she she went all professional big time with her precious Cintiq … which I must admit is pretty awesome and would be something I wouldn’t mind […]

Jan 042011
And I'm still tired.

I just had some ice cream. It’s below freezing outside, and I’m all “NOM FROZEN NUMMIES”. Whatever, tongue. This has been a seriously slow day for me, brain-wise. Waking up is a battle I fight constantly, and it seems that no matter how much I sleep the night before, I never actually win. I mean I totally rock the half-lidded sleepy-eyed look — — but it’d be nice if it were by choice rather constantly […]