Feb 092011
Me vs. Gravity

I gave myself permission ahead of time to do bugger all today, which made it easier but I doubt would’ve made a difference one way or the other. The plan though was to do nothing but appropriate the xbox and sit on my butt, which of course I then did not do. How is it that when I have plans I ignore them to play games, yet when I’m set to play games I do […]

Jan 252011

Crap, post. Forgot. Okay my day, in five points: 1. The Bowie tracks are teh awesum. 2. I like the story I’m working on. 3. I’ve resumed reading The Dark Tower book 7 and hope to someday finish this beast. 4. Tomorrow day is Chosen day. 5. There is no point five. Mmmm-WAH! Goodnight everybody!

Jan 222011
Lying liars.

I just spilled a big ol’ drink all over everything. So that was a thing. I was born on a Tuesday. Mother Goose says this makes me “full of grace”. Mother Goose is a lying whore. This was a weird day overall. I think I went through four or five hours waking up and only actually got there around 8pm. Sometimes I think I never quite recovered from working nights for so many years. I’ve […]

Jan 192011
So there was this thing.

It was really great. I had an idea for a post all planned around it. I forgot what it was. Now here it is, write-a-post-time, and I’ve got nothing to replace it. Tomorrow morning, you’re coming first, Greatest Day. And I’m going to talk about whatever I dreamed. You’re welcome, Internet.