Apple Juicin’

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Apr 162011
Apple Juicin'

Very tired, very congested, and in a bit of a rush tonight. End result, short post. Which is a bit of a pity as I had this whole big thing about science and faith, but I suppose it’ll hold. Today was going to be Stumptown, but wound up being the zoo instead. Yes! Zoo! Again! I was so upset I didn’t get to feed the lorikeets last time I was compelled to make a return […]


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Apr 092011

Nobody else is going to get that subject line, but oh well. I somehow made it home without falling asleep. I am utterly knackered. Big day filled with big things, including a trip to the zoo. This was a huge thing for Mike and I for many boring reasons, and we’re both so glad we finally made it back there after many many abortive attempts over the years. Sadly I am now too tired to […]