Feb 092011
Like the cool kids.

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like life was just a long session of play occasionally interrupted by a moment of having to do something all responsible but then you just did it real fast and went back to play? When did it reverse on us? All I did today was stuff I was supposed to do, and it was not especially rewarding. My day began too early as both Mike and […]

Jan 072011
Puppy sauce.

Today was a day for getting some shit done, to the tune of Jett’s nails trimmed and an oil change. I very nearly said “Jett’s oil changed”, which would’ve been a very different day indeed. I tried trimming Jett’s nails once. Once. It did not go well. Since that moment, I knew that I would happily pay somebody for this basic task for the rest of my dog’s life. In addition to me trimming her […]

Sep 082010
T Minus 24 Hours to Old

It’s not my birthday yet. But it’s close enough to have forced me out of the house today, despite my lingering PAX Pox, and into the cold, sterile, unfeeling arms of the DMV. Their gift to me? Highway robbery and eight years of a picture that somehow managed to look even worse than the last one. I didn’t even think that was possible. After an hour spent swaying unsteadily in line we decided that food […]