Jan 172011
I must not think bad thoughts.

Today I had thoughts. I had a lot of thoughts of assorted degrees of importance. I can’t say that I reached any decisions, but I think decisions are likely soon. Not sure I’m ready to share them publicly yet, if ever, but I was glad to have them. Loaded up Mass Effect 2 this evening. Big thumbs up thus far for the little UI tweaks, though the new combat is going to take me a […]

Jan 032011
Hello, 2011.

The year twenty-thousand-eleven starts today. You may argue that it started two days ago. You would be wrong. It starts today because today is Monday and I find that more convenient. We humans measure time in such an arbitrary self-established manner that I feel perfectly justified in setting my milestones however I please. As today is the first day of the new year, I’m kicking it off with an attempted revamp of parts my life […]

May 272010
LOST: Final Thoughts.

I gave myself a day to ponder on the show as a totality, as the sum of all its parts which I’ve picked on and needled and enjoyed and appreciated and hated and dogged and questioned quite extensively for the past six weeks. Here’s my final conclusion: It just wasn’t a good story. It had its moments, absolutely. Stripping it down to the bone, Jack had a fully realized and ultimately satisfying character arc. He […]