Oct 112011
PAX 2011, Day 2

The night was restless, but PAX waits for no one. We’d decided that of all the big ticket games, we had one in particular that we were going to aim for first thing; the siren song of the shirt was playing loudly in our mind. We could sleep later. In new shirts! The story so far: Day 0 | Day 1 pt 1 | Day 1 pt 2 | Day 1 pt 3     […]

Aug 112011
How to Make Kings, Step One

When we last left off, I was setting up a too-long introduction to our adventures that typically never got to the adventure itself. Time to fix that. If it wasn’t apparent from before, I’ve never actually played any kind of tabletop RPG with more than one person across from me. It’s an experience I’m looking forward to having, but I’m not there yet. Particularly with this being my first time playing in twenty-something years, I […]

Aug 082011
Failed My Will Save

Me and fantasy go way back. In the mid-80s, Mindy (my best friend at the time) and I discovered the genre and a lifelong love was formed. Together we read Elfquest and Dragonlance and MythAdventures and a series by David Eddings whose title eludes me but I can still picture the covers. We played Bard’s Tale and King’s Quest on our brand new Tandy computers. If it was fantasy, we were interested. It seemed inevitable […]