Feb 062011
Go, and be Dickwolves no more.

I’ve talked like way more about this than anyone probably should. If you’re just joining in and wondering how I got here or looking for more detailed thoughts as this debacle unfolded, please see my previous posts: The Boys Club, part 2 | On the turning away. | Life after Dickwolves? All things remaining as they stand now, this is my final post on the matter of Dickwolves. This has eaten up a large part […]

Feb 042011
Life after Dickwolves?

Last night and this morning Mike and I were discussing the Dickwolves thing. We’ve been discussing the Dickwolves thing a lot this week. Never in my life did I think I’d say that my husband and I have had serious conversations about Dickwolves. We were talking about Gabe and Tycho’s responses, which dovetailed nicely with some comments in the posts I linked above that were freshly posted today. As has been my running theme with […]

Feb 032011
On the turning away.

Richard Pryor will wait a bit longer. Gabe and Tycho made statements today, and god dammit, I’m still no closer to sorting out exactly how I feel about everything. But I do know this much: They’ve both done their best this morning to effectively wash their hands of this whole thing and walk away, and we can’t let that happen. Their statements are a bit lengthy so I won’t replicate them here, but everyone should […]

Now it just feels weird.

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Feb 032011

Right, so. Those posts yesterday. Attention is being paid to them. Which is awesome, by the way. You guy seriously have no idea how uncertain I was that I was even making sense my head was buzzing so much, let alone saying something that is seeming to resonate. The more I’m thinking about this the more I’m realizing just how much is going on here. This is a fucking complicated series of issues all consolidating […]

Feb 022011
The Boys Club, part 2

Continued from previous post. Finally we have the main event. Penny Arcade and the Dickwolves. Those of you who know about this quite possibly saw it heading this way. Those of you who don’t, you’ll need some backstory. A whole lot of backstory. I’ll try to keep it short and relevant (but will possibly fail. my apologies). It all started on 11 August 2010 with this comic strip entitled “The Sixth Slave”:   I remember […]

The Boys Club, part 1

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Feb 022011
The Boys Club, part 1

It’s been an interesting week filled with interesting things, and it’s only Wednesday. And I spent all of yesterday in a brain fog. Monday was interesting, I guess is what I’m saying. I can’t really put it better than I did on Twitter that night: “I have had the worst GIRLS SUCK AND DON’T BELONG HERE day in ages. It’s like suddenly my ovaries turned on a tractor beam of hate.” I’ve briefly talked before […]

Jan 112011
Penny Failcade

Remember when I said they were predicting six inches of snow? Those were fun times. We’ll maybe get two inches. Of RAIN. So like any other Portland day. Damn meteorologists. Lying to me, stringing me along, and then nothing. I feel cheap. It’s amazing how quickly a shitty mood can come on. I wanted to watch some episodes of Penny Arcade TV tonight with dinner, so I turned on my big hulko TV PC again. […]