Jul 012011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 5 July 2011

Singles singles singles, that’s what we have this week. Three that are pretty awesome additions, and two from the band that I detest more than any other musical act in the history of human existence. So that’s a thing. But the rest? Awesome!     The Songs * Buffalo Springfield – “For What It’s Worth” + * R.E.M. – “Man On the Moon” * System of a Down – “Aerials” + * System of a […]

Oct 012010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 5 October

This week’s DLC announcement is nothing short of awesome. I gotta tell you, they could’ve announced just one of these songs and I would’ve been thrilled. Add another nine that are also awesome on top of it, and you’ve got a killer DLC week that will go down as one of the best. Join with me in enjoying our eight-pack of R.E.M. and three-pack of T. Rex. R.E.M. – “Driver 8” + R.E.M. – “It’s […]