Mar 162012
Rock Band DLC, Week of 20 March 2012

My favourite DLC announcements are the ones with the pleasant little surprises, and that’s what Harmonix is delivering next week. Santana! Men at Work! How have we gone this long without Men at Work?     The Songs * Men at Work – “Down Under” ^ * Men at Work – “Overkill” ^ * Santana – “Smooth” ^ + ^ = keyboard chart + = pro-guitar/bass upgrade available   The Thoughts “Down Under” by Men […]

Mar 132012
Rock Band DLC, Week of 12 March 2012

I’m late. I know. I blame barley wine. Harmonix made the effort to specifically point out that this week’s pack meets fan demand, as the group is one of the most requested ever. I’ve seen that most requested list and I can’t say that this fact alone gets me excited. Still, while I can’t bring to mind a single song by Three Days Grace, HMX has introduced me to more than a few awesome bands […]

Mar 022012
Rock Band DLC, Week of 7 March 2012

A random mix of singles greets us this week. I can’t help feeling that Harmonix is clearing the table of the last few holiday treats nobody’s eaten yet; the too-hard caramel in the sampler box, the Hershey’s chocolate miniature beginning to turn chalky. There’s no unifying element to these songs, evidenced by the complete absence of a pack purchase option. Still, random doesn’t automatically mean bad (chalky chocolate aside), so I’m off to refresh myself […]

Feb 032012
Rock Band DLC, Week of 7 February 2012

Surprising no one, next week’s DLC will be a three-pack from English alt-rockers Bush (leaving only Huey Lewis & the News from the revealed artists in HMX’s Christmas livestream). The only song I actually remember from Bush is “Glycerine” – which I love but fully acknowledge would suck to play in Rock Band – so hearing all these again should be a thing.   The Songs * Bush – “Everything Zen” * Bush – “Comedown” […]

Jan 062012
Rock Band DLC, Week of 10 January 2012

It may not have escaped your notice that I’ve been absent from my entire blog of late, let alone Rock Band posts. I talked a little about that in another post, suffice it to say that it’s a new year, I’m feeling better, and it’s time to once more talk about this stuff, a lot. Not only that but I return to Rock Band DLC with a three-pack of Hall & Oates? Someone sure loves […]

Nov 112011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 15 November 2011

A quick informative DLC post today as I have dragons to slay and flowers to pick in Skyrim. An exciting week coming up though, with some much-needed love for keyboardists: Stevie Wonder. This pack hits it out of the park, and if you have any interest whatsoever in keys you must check these out. But don’t think you should pass them by if you don’t play keys – there’s some incredible funk/soul picks in here, […]

Nov 042011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 8 November 2011

It’s been a while in coming: This week’s Rock Band DLC is a downloadable version of the Country Track Pack 2, which was previously only available on disc. Even better, all tracks have been updated for Rock Band 3, meaning keys and harmonies. Possibly a sticking point for those who bought the disc ages ago, but really good news for anybody who wanted to cherry pick from the setlist. (Hey Harmonix, consider doing this for […]

Oct 282011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 1 November 2011

Breaking Benjamin return to the game with their second pack, and they’re joined by a lone single from Papa Roach. The Songs * Breaking Benjamin – “Sooner or Later” * Breaking Benjamin – “Breath” + * Breaking Benjamin – “Until the End” * Papa Roach – “Forever” + = pro-guitar/bass chart available   The Thoughts I don’t really know Breaking Benjamin, but for some reason I had in my head that they were kind of […]

Oct 212011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 28 October 2011

Harmonix is celebrating Halloween the best way it knows how, with a full-on Zombie invasion. Having a busy week so no commentary this time around. But I will say to give the song by The Darkness a try if you don’t know it; it’s a delightful little bit of sparkling glam rock totally at odds with the band name. The video is amazing. * The Darkness – “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” + […]

Oct 072011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 11 October 2011

Ahh, it’s a cool, refreshing glass of “something I like”. The Clash single, at any rate, which is just about perfect. There’s a bit too little variation in Blink-182 songs – generally speaking – for me to not feel like I probably already have whatever they’re offering. But that’s without listening to them, so I could be surprised.   The Songs * The Clash – “Rock the Casbah” + * Blink-182 – “The Party Song” […]