Rock Band Network (forgotten post)

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Jan 152011
Rock Band Network (forgotten post)

Wow, I just realized this has been sitting in Drafts since we did our last Rock Band Network demo review … that was in August. Heh. Whoops. Yeah so posting it now. We’ll be doing some more demos later this weekend. We’re clearly way the hell behind (I’m not even going to try titling these by weeks anymore, at least not until we catch up), but we figure that by doing a half-hour to an […]

Jun 162010
Rock Band Network, week(s) 8-15

If you have any questions on my Rock Band Network posts, check out the FAQ. It’s all helpful and stuff. Another huge backlog, this time courtesy of the Lostathon. Thankfully with all that behind us we were able to catch up over the span of a couple of weeks and are now back on track. Please enjoy this meaty super-sized helping of Rock Band Network.   “American Dream” by Silverstein : UND- Vocals too generically […]