24 Wheelbarrows, ICQ.

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Mar 242011
24 Wheelbarrows, ICQ.

That’s what I always hear during “Roundabout”. Which I just finished playing in Rock Band 3, thus completing all the disc songs on pro-guitar. So. Proud. Yeah okay, on easy. Perhaps undeservedly so then, but I am anyway. It’s pretty awesome to initially be struggling to find anything in “I Love Rock and Roll” to a 87% sight read on “Beast & the Harlot”. I’m under no illusions that in and of itself that’s unimpressive, […]

Mar 112011
I can't control my fingers.

I’m doing pretty happy at the moment. I spent the last hour on a late night writing jag and mixed it with some rum and the result was liquid delicious. I could see making a habit of this. “Be who you want to be” is a new motto I’m attempting to embrace. I’ve had a good many mottos this week honestly, but this is probably the best so far. It’s really been a week (and […]

Mar 092011
Ashes to ashes, funk to funky

I watched the live feed of Discovery‘s final landing today. It was gorgeous weather for it; crisp, clear footage. The whole thing brought with it a feeling of melancholy (though to be fair with my mood of late, ripping a Kraft single when I open the cellophane also brings a feeling of melancholy). I think that retiring the shuttle is ultimately a good and necessary step for the advancement of space exploration, but Discovery, man. […]

The hardest strum to strum.

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Mar 082011
The hardest strum to strum.

If it hasn’t been abundantly clear, I’ve been in a right awful state these past few weeks. I’ve sunk to some crazy new lows. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I’m finally on the mend. I was actually something close to normal today (whatever that is for me) and managed to be productive, which was a pleasant change. I worked a bit on a new series idea, and doinked around a little […]

Feb 252011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 1 March

I always get a heads up if the DLC is more likely than not going to be something that will excite me. This happens as my husband comes to wake me up on Friday mornings. If it’s going to be something really good, he’s telling me about it within three seconds of confirming that I’m mostly conscious. (And by “telling me about it” I mean “making me guess what it is” – always fun when […]