Oct 112011
PAX 2011, Day 2

The night was restless, but PAX waits for no one. We’d decided that of all the big ticket games, we had one in particular that we were going to aim for first thing; the siren song of the shirt was playing loudly in our mind. We could sleep later. In new shirts! The story so far: Day 0 | Day 1 pt 1 | Day 1 pt 2 | Day 1 pt 3     […]

Apr 092011
Mere Performing Freaks.

Good productive Chosen day. Started my weekend by blasting through some more guitar score logs in Rock Band, finally (FINALLY) getting me out of the “T”s. I think that was my checkered flag. ‘Course I still technically have all the bass scores, drums scores and vocals scores, but lalalala can’t hear you I’m finishing guitar yay. Then a lovely evening at Amy and Scott’s, the highlight of which has to be the surprise of Scott […]

Feb 052011

Final post on that stuff in-progress. Then for me? Nice long rest. It’s apparently Saturday. It feels like … I don’t know what it feels like. The days are melting. I need so much sleep. Still haven’t played London Calling. With the Super Bowl tomorrow, I probably won’t get the chance tomorrow either. Perhaps once the game’s done. Mike just got a robo-dog in New Vegas and it is awesome.

Feb 022011
The Boys Club, part 1

It’s been an interesting week filled with interesting things, and it’s only Wednesday. And I spent all of yesterday in a brain fog. Monday was interesting, I guess is what I’m saying. I can’t really put it better than I did on Twitter that night: “I have had the worst GIRLS SUCK AND DON’T BELONG HERE day in ages. It’s like suddenly my ovaries turned on a tractor beam of hate.” I’ve briefly talked before […]

Oct 222010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 26 October

Rock Band 3 is mere days away. Are you ready? The DLC is coming. As I mentioned last week, the first round of DLC for the new game has been much talked about and isn’t a surprise at this point: Alongside the 83 disc songs for Rock Band 3 will be a 12-pack of The Doors. But I’m not going there just yet. First I want to take the time to talk about Rock Band […]

Oct 152010
Rock Band DLC, Week of 19 October

This is it. The last week of Rock Band 2 DLC. Starting 26 October, Rock Band 3 will be out, and a new era of DLC will begin. That first week’s DLC has already been announced (The Doors, including three tracks completely for free), but before we get to the new stuff, next week says goodbye to the old. So what will see us out? A six-pack of alternative/hard rock staples Stone Temple Pilots and […]

Sep 152010
PAX 2010: Day 1

To read about our pre-PAX vacation beginnings, check out my Day 0 write-up.       The first day of PAX began later than expected, thanks to my seeming inability to know the difference between “AM” and “PM” on my phone’s alarm. Luckily my internal clock is a little more aware of its surroundings and jolted me wide awake at 6.30, only a half-hour later than planned. I’d also correctly gauged my level of disorganization […]

Sep 102010
Rock Band DLC, Weeks of 7 & 14 September

Sadly I’m still recovering from my bout of PAX pox so this is little more than a catch-up list of DLC with links. (The rest of my PAX write-ups will be coming this weekend and into next week.) Today’s announcement had some thrilling stuff in it though, so don’t let my lack of enthusing in the post make you think I’m not excited. I’m excited. I’m so excited, I’m riding a tiger right now. Week […]