Jan 122011
Live from New York… 1×01: George Carlin

For Christmas, one of the things Mike gave me was the 4th season DVD set of Saturday Night Live. As I’ve mentioned in The Greatest Day posts, we’ve picked up watching where we left off in the middle of the second season. I’m a huge, huge fan of Saturday Night Live – at least the Not Ready for Prime Time Players and the SNL renaissance period when Lorne Michaels returned to the show in the […]


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Jan 052011

A hideously busy day today mostly marred with a near-crippling headache, but a post! I must make one. Got Amy and Scott home today. Was rewarded with chocolate, fruit cake, Uggs, and hugs for my troubles. Happy to have my bestie home though – it’s tough to go back to having someone halfway around the world when you get used to them being just across town. It looks like some information about all those dead […]