Snow plea.

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Jan 122011
Snow plea.

Hey guys, know what didn’t happen today? SNOW. It’s like, dude, Nature? You’ve got so much snow for everyone but none for me? I’m reading about people with their snow days and their shoveling and their blizzards and it’s like, that handful of flakes that melted immediately yesterday? INSUFFICIENT. I’m not asking for a lot. Just a couple of inches. This month I’ve seen so many new birds that have come to join our juncos […]

Jan 112011
Penny Failcade

Remember when I said they were predicting six inches of snow? Those were fun times. We’ll maybe get two inches. Of RAIN. So like any other Portland day. Damn meteorologists. Lying to me, stringing me along, and then nothing. I feel cheap. It’s amazing how quickly a shitty mood can come on. I wanted to watch some episodes of Penny Arcade TV tonight with dinner, so I turned on my big hulko TV PC again. […]

Joy … and Gratitude.

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Jan 092011
Joy ... and Gratitude.

Today has been Mass Effect mostly. I spent a large chunk of my time going through Novaria and kicking Marina Sirtis’s arse. They’re predicting it could dump six inches of snow on us Tuesday night. Every now and then we have Major Snow, and it’s always an event. Of course, it could also be that this Snowpocalypse will turn into a few flakes that you sleep through. That’s less fun, but quietly amusing nevertheless. I […]