Feb 092011
Like the cool kids.

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like life was just a long session of play occasionally interrupted by a moment of having to do something all responsible but then you just did it real fast and went back to play? When did it reverse on us? All I did today was stuff I was supposed to do, and it was not especially rewarding. My day began too early as both Mike and […]

And they’d glow red.

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Jan 272011
And they'd glow red.

I think I lost part of today. Like, I fell into a deep sleep that somehow blended seamlessly with my day, or was perhaps abducted by aliens. I remember parts of it, but then there’s a whole patch of time missing. Peculiar. Otherwise it wasn’t a day where I was able to get much tangible done. Ahh well, always tomorrow. Which will be a pretty packed day now I think about it, with lots of […]