LOST: The Big List (final version)

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May 272010
LOST: The Big List (final version)

As you all doubtless know by now, about six weeks ago I decided to run a marathon of Lost. If for some reason you don’t know then I recommend reading Intro to a Lostathon. Sunday night was – as pretty much everyone also knows regardless of their personal interest – the finale. I already posted my notes for that episode, but those were episode specific. With this post I’ll be going back to look at […]

Mar 202010
Calling All Beer Lovers

Today is Get House Crap Done day. To aid in this, Mike descended the depths of the crawlspace. Now that’s always a horror show, but this time he came upon long buried treasure. Like, way under the house too. So it wasn’t like someone was drinking in what is now affectionately called The Danger Room and was somehow too lazy to go find a trash can but not too lazy to haul up that 50-pound […]