Feb 102011
My TiVo loves me.

My knee today. Holy crap. I’ve been hopped up on painkillers for most of today and been keeping my knee elevated and it still hurts just as much. I’m fairly used to some knee pain of some kind just about always (long story), but today is a notable. Today we rewired the TiVo through the DVD burner so I could get some stuff on disc. The Super Bowl commercials for example, the first hour of […]

Superb Owl.

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Feb 072011
Superb Owl.

My week proceeds strangely. I got up far earlier than I would’ve liked to get the chili on, then ran around all day cleaning and shopping and baking and posting. (one of these things is not like the other) My timing stank however and I was still making cookies come kick off, and consequently missed like an entire hour of Super Bowl commercials. At least I have TiVo, which we’ll run through the DVD burner […]


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Feb 052011

Final post on that stuff in-progress. Then for me? Nice long rest. It’s apparently Saturday. It feels like … I don’t know what it feels like. The days are melting. I need so much sleep. Still haven’t played London Calling. With the Super Bowl tomorrow, I probably won’t get the chance tomorrow either. Perhaps once the game’s done. Mike just got a robo-dog in New Vegas and it is awesome.

Brain scraps.

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Feb 032011
Brain scraps.

So tired. This week has drained me. I swear tomorrow I’m not talking about anything more serious than how cute Jett is. (How cute? SERIOUSLY cute.) Last night I had a dream featuring all my friends from high school. I have no idea why. I have no idea what we were doing. Sameer featured really heavily for some reason though. (You out there, Sameer? Hi!) After having left it for quite a while, I’ve become […]

Feb 082010
The Heavy Burden of Lip Balm

I had someone in to fix our heater on Friday. This is but the latest in a long string of guys out to fix my heater, which is a tale of some frustration perhaps for another time. However, as I tried to make some small talk (never a forte of mine) I asked if he was going to watch the Super Bowl. “Hell yeah!” he responded enthusiastically. I nodded. A pointless gesture, as he had […]