Sep 092011
The Pull List, 7 September 2011

My name is Jet Wolf, and I’m addicted to comic books. Since picking up my first issue of X-Men way back in the late 80s, comic books have been a focal point of my life. I can’t imagine a world without superheroes flying around in brightly coloured and impractical costumes, punching out bad guys and sometimes each other. May the Pull List be eternal. Here’s what was on it this week.   This is a […]

May 312011
Crisis on Infinite Wolves

I’ve been absent from my blog. From much of online, in truth. There have been Things. But there will always be Things. So it goes. Here’s some stuff I’ve been saving up to talk at you about. ~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve been watching TV lately. By that, I mean watching programs within a week of when they air. As someone whose natural proclivity is to TiVo an entire season and a half before I bother watching (if […]

Whose woods these are.

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Feb 262011
Whose woods these are.

I want to write something. I want to write something but my brain is so tired. You ever feel like maybe sometimes you’re in the wrong head? That’s me tonight. Unsettling. Not of the norm. Of course I suffer from depression, like, constantly, so it’s tough to get a bead on what “norm” means for me. But whatever this is, I don’t think it’s it. I had several people ask me about the demos I […]