Give me Planarite or give me death.

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Sep 062011
Give me Planarite or give me death.

I thought today about the things I need to do. Thinking about them was about as far as I got. Tomorrow, I shall MAKE A LIST. Tremble, world, at my list makitude. One of those Things is doing my PAX write-up. It’s great because right now I think “Oh I can probably get all four days into one post.” Then I remember I took like 600 pictures and laugh and laugh and laugh and then […]

Sleepy but not tired.

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Mar 222011
Sleepy but not tired.

Can’t talk. Thinking. Actually I will talk, just for a second. Long enough to say “Ugh, I am never going to finish this last Dark Tower book am I?” Draaaaag.

In which I don’t actually talk about anything.

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Jan 312011
In which I don't actually talk about anything.

I’ve had a very strange day today. I actually feel to some degree that I’ve been living someone else’s life, I’ve felt so disconnected. (Note to self: there’s a story in here somewhere.) I’ve been contemplating making a huge post today about it all. I think I’d still like to, but I also think I need some sleep and a little distance to help me further articulate. I’ll come back tomorrow morning and give it […]

Ka wills it.

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Jan 142011
Ka wills it.

I’m in a weird place with this last Dark Tower book. I want to finish it. I really do. I mean, I’m six invested in this series at this point. This is the end, where everything gets sorted. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t a slog. I’ve had my copy of Book 7 since my birthday, and here we are over four months later and I’m still creeping through it. For the past month […]