Mar 302011
In which it is painfully clear that I do not draw.

My shiny newness of today was mostly spent tinking around with a toy – as is really quite inevitable whenever there are toys in my proximity that are new. On extended loan from Amy is her old Wacom tablet, before today sitting alone in a closet quite rejected since she she went all professional big time with her precious Cintiq … which I must admit is pretty awesome and would be something I wouldn’t mind […]

Mar 202011
Sunday Starcade.

Okay, Mass Effect 2. I think I’m finally into you. Your combat system isn’t so much growing on me as I’ve learned to just suck it up and deal with you, and your storyline becomes increasingly interesting. I’m glad I decided to return to you this morning. Speaking of returning to things, Mike and Scott resumed their work on the radio project. All went well, right up to the exact moment it didn’t. Then it […]


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Jan 052011

A hideously busy day today mostly marred with a near-crippling headache, but a post! I must make one. Got Amy and Scott home today. Was rewarded with chocolate, fruit cake, Uggs, and hugs for my troubles. Happy to have my bestie home though – it’s tough to go back to having someone halfway around the world when you get used to them being just across town. It looks like some information about all those dead […]