You’re not the boss of me.

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Jan 142011
You're not the boss of me.

Oh shit. I didn’t do a post today. I got all crazy bitchy tonight for no good reason then got distracted reading a book and totally forgot about it. I haven’t slept yet, so it still counts as today right? Yes. It still counts as today. I will it be so. But I’m sleepy and lying in bed typing this on my laptop and the dark is making it way more loud and clacky than […]

New All Over Again (Again)

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Feb 042010

Another day of tweaking and optimizing brings me back to about where I was this time yesterday. But with a banner! That makes it all totally worth it. But much of what I said last night still stands, so I say it again. Looks a little different. Has that “new blog” smell. Runs a little sleaker. Doesn’t require me to update by hand. Won’t be sold out from under me to run stealth Best Buy […]