Mar 302011
In which it is painfully clear that I do not draw.

My shiny newness of today was mostly spent tinking around with a toy – as is really quite inevitable whenever there are toys in my proximity that are new. On extended loan from Amy is her old Wacom tablet, before today sitting alone in a closet quite rejected since she she went all professional big time with her precious Cintiq … which I must admit is pretty awesome and would be something I wouldn’t mind […]

Jan 232011
Thing Zero.

I think I’ve decided on a new direction for my someday-webcomic. I am staggeringly ill-talented for drawing the kind of world I want for this comic; my every attempt at illustrating it only further hammers that home. I’m thoroughly dissatisfied with even the smallest and most simple of efforts. Unfortunately what I’m going for is both pretty nuanced and very visual, and when you can’t do more than create slightly emotive blobby shapes you’re destined […]