Mere Performing Freaks.

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Apr 092011
Mere Performing Freaks.

Good productive Chosen day. Started my weekend by blasting through some more guitar score logs in Rock Band, finally (FINALLY) getting me out of the “T”s. I think that was my checkered flag. ‘Course I still technically have all the bass scores, drums scores and vocals scores, but lalalala can’t hear you I’m finishing guitar yay. Then a lovely evening at Amy and Scott’s, the highlight of which has to be the surprise of Scott […]

So take that, nature!

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Apr 032011
So take that, nature!

My decent weekend hit a rough spot as I started getting all pissy over Things. To burn this off, I threw myself into copious amounts of yard work, dragging Mike along with me. The end result, we have lots of nice fresh new mulch and tilled areas of both the front and back yard, leveled off some bits and got to work on a nicer area where the birdbath lives. Also in that end result […]

Mar 232011
It's like I'm back to graveyard shifts.

It’s almost 11pm and I’m only now feeling like dinner. It’s been a weird couple food days. But here I am. Mike’s gone to bed and I’m nomming on a bologna sandwich with cheez-its, so there’s a smashing dinner for you. There’s nothing on that I actually want to watch, so I switched on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares that my TiVo got for me because … I guess. I worked on A Thing some […]

Crap burgers and cabbage. (Yum.)

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Mar 172011
Crap burgers and cabbage. (Yum.)

Defense Grid you are KILLING ME, arrgh. St. Patrick’s Day today. It ended with a bit more feisty anger than I’d originally intended, but perhaps that’s in keeping with the day’s spirit. We went down to a local cafe so that Mike could get his annual corned beef and cabbage. I KNOW, RIGHT? So gross. There’s a reason he only gets to eat it once a year. They were out of the pasta I wanted […]

Mar 112011
I can't control my fingers.

I’m doing pretty happy at the moment. I spent the last hour on a late night writing jag and mixed it with some rum and the result was liquid delicious. I could see making a habit of this. “Be who you want to be” is a new motto I’m attempting to embrace. I’ve had a good many mottos this week honestly, but this is probably the best so far. It’s really been a week (and […]

The hardest strum to strum.

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Mar 082011
The hardest strum to strum.

If it hasn’t been abundantly clear, I’ve been in a right awful state these past few weeks. I’ve sunk to some crazy new lows. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I’m finally on the mend. I was actually something close to normal today (whatever that is for me) and managed to be productive, which was a pleasant change. I worked a bit on a new series idea, and doinked around a little […]

Mar 052011
There's not a single tree, why is it the Emerald City again?

I semi-spontaneously ran up to Seattle for the day for Emerald City Comicon. I say “semi-spontaneously” because we (meaning Mike, Scott and myself) only cemented plans yesterday. Which is huge for me, since normally I twig without at least a week’s notice and mental preparation. Adding my mood into that, and despite the relative achievement levels as compared to most of the world, I’m pretty proud of myself. While there, Mike got a signed and […]

Jan 232011
Thing Zero.

I think I’ve decided on a new direction for my someday-webcomic. I am staggeringly ill-talented for drawing the kind of world I want for this comic; my every attempt at illustrating it only further hammers that home. I’m thoroughly dissatisfied with even the smallest and most simple of efforts. Unfortunately what I’m going for is both pretty nuanced and very visual, and when you can’t do more than create slightly emotive blobby shapes you’re destined […]

Aiming for a high.

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Jan 182011
Aiming for a high.

Today there were words and naps and planes and music. Pretty decent all ’round. My morning stated off sluggish but I pushed myself to go get some writing done. So I got my office all nice and snuggly warm. Had my laptop balanced, my fingers positioned, my feet up. I’m ready to go. Then half an hour later I wake up in the same position, except my head’s flung back at some twisted angle and […]