Joy … and Gratitude.

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Jan 092011
Joy ... and Gratitude.

Today has been Mass Effect mostly. I spent a large chunk of my time going through Novaria and kicking Marina Sirtis’s arse. They’re predicting it could dump six inches of snow on us Tuesday night. Every now and then we have Major Snow, and it’s always an event. Of course, it could also be that this Snowpocalypse will turn into a few flakes that you sleep through. That’s less fun, but quietly amusing nevertheless. I […]

Because the Thunder God demands it.

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Jan 062011
Because the Thunder God demands it.

I was struck with serious feelings of unwellness in the early afternoon that were most unwelcome. Come on, immune system, it’s 2011. Get with it, I gots shit to do. My mother and I had an interesting conversation today on the aforementioned “birds falling out of the sky” thing. Unfortunately the articles I finally read from the last post didn’t actually say anything too satisfying in terms of reasoning; mostly they were of the “yeeeeaahh, […]

Jan 032011
Hello, 2011.

The year twenty-thousand-eleven starts today. You may argue that it started two days ago. You would be wrong. It starts today because today is Monday and I find that more convenient. We humans measure time in such an arbitrary self-established manner that I feel perfectly justified in setting my milestones however I please. As today is the first day of the new year, I’m kicking it off with an attempted revamp of parts my life […]

Dec 202010
To: You. A Christmas Story. Love, Me.

As it so often does, the holiday season barged into my life well before I was actually ready for it this year. Christmas. It’s not just a word, it’s an idea. A concept. A lifestyle, for some. For me, when I was forced to acknowledge that the year was in fact getting ready to loop on me again, I was going through one of my … let’s say “less appreciative” times. Never pleasant, but often […]